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DHZ is running the supersort®technology plants which are located in the environs of Zurich Airport.

DHZ was created in December 2009 in order to build and run the Häuli landfill near Lufingen. The headquarter is also located near Lufingen.

Clean processed

We regaine raw material and resources for the community and the environment. Resource mining® stands for the integral consideration of the material cycle. supersort®technology plants recover valuable resources out of wastes and returns high quality raw materials back into production and so into the ressource cycle.

Safely disposed

Through advanced technology we guarantee a clean and safe separation of the residue fraction from the groundwater and from the environment. We only dispose what is according to the law and what can’t be recycled.

Sustainable active

We stay dedicated on a long term basis to our customers. We are commited to our resource mining® strategy from the construction of the landfill to the recultivation and from the treatment of the wastes to the recoverd metals.

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Benjamin Blumer
supersort® operation director
Phone: +41 43 255 40 30

How to get there


Supersort fein


The Häuli landfill is located at the Deponiestrasse 1, 8426 Lufingen - CH

  • Take highway-exit «Kloten Nord»

  • Take main road to Lufingen

  • Before you get into the village of Lufingen, take a left onto Birchstrasse (look for the sign «Deponie»)

  • Follow the road and the signs


Supersort metall

Transport and delivery

The supersort®metal-plant is located on the property of the Eberhard Bau AG near Oberglatt. Address for the navigation system:

  • Im Frevlig, 8154 Oberglatt

  • Breitloostrasse, 8154 Oberglatt

  • Take A1 highway-exit 62 «Zürich-Seebach» direction Rümlang

  • Take Flughofstrasse towards Rümlang/Oberglatt

  • Follow main road through Oberglatt, take a left onto Wehntalerstrasse (look for the sign «Industrie ASP»)

  • Take a left after the railway overpass

  • Stop at the checkpoint


Portrait Stefan Eberhard

Stefan Eberhard


Protrait Ivan Züst

Ivan Züst

Head of Engineering supersort®technology

Protrait Stefan Haas

Stefan Haas

Head of supersort®laboratory

Portrait Marco Weber

Marco Weber

Project manager supersort®technology

Portrait Olga Ulanova

Olga Ulanova

Project manager supersort®technology

Portrait Benjamin Blumer

Benjamin Blumer

supersort® operations manager

Portrait Jelena

Jelena Coban

Trade manager

Portrait Roman

Roman Lienhard

Procurement coordinator metals

Portrait Andre Schmocker

Andre Schmocker

Project manager supersort®technology

Portrait Tanja Keller

Tanja Keller

Administration and logistics manager


Broschüre Titel

supersort®technology- Processing and purifying of non-ferrous metal concentrates and metal-containing waste

Latest brochure containing all the information about supersort®metal

Bild Flyer susofine pss englisch

Efficient recycling of metals –
the classification of the fine fraction
of bottom ashes

Latest flyer containing all the information about supersort®fine pss


supersort®metal (Oberglatt)

The construction work for the supersort®metal project began in spring of 2015. The installation of the plant started about one year later. The ambitious site-program is looking for a launch in September 2016.

Some impressions from the construction site

  • URS_7634
  • URS_8847
  • URS_7581
  • URS_3325
  • URS_8345
  • URS_4692
  • URS_6235
  • URS_8282
  • URS_8339
  • URS_8368
  • URS_0450
  • URS_8311
  • URS_8332
  • URS_6242

supersort® (Lufingen)

supersort® was launched in July 2013 next to the Häuli landfill near Lufingen. The proximity to the landfill helps to shorten the transport distances. supersort® helps to improve the sustainability and the economy of MSWI bottom ash processing.

Some impressions from the construction site

  • Entstehung 9964
  • Entstehung 9966
  • Entstehung 2214
  • Entstehung 2236
  • Entstehung 2684
  • Entstehung 2797
  • Entstehung 2800
  • Entstehung 2812
  • Entstehung 2814
  • Entstehung 2907
  • Enstehung 4993
  • Entstehung 5003
  • Entstehung 5292
  • Entstehung 6021
  • Entstehung 1741
  • Entstehung 02 (363) 25.9.13-2